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Zaton - Nin

The Marvelous


Zaton is a small tourist location, ideal for a real holiday and stress relief. It is located between the historical cities of Nin and Zadar. In Zaton you will find sandy beaches under the shadow of century-old pines, a crystal blue sea and unforgettable sunsets.


In the region around Zaton, the known remnants of life and culture date from the begining of the Bronze Age, about 4,000 years ago. In Roman times, Zaton was a harbour belonging to Aenona, or Nin. In this little Dalmatian town, the rich cultural ana historical heritage of Zaton can be experienced at every step. Zaton's most outstanding attractions are: the St. Nicholas church dating back to the 11th/12th century, the two-story Kaštelina tower from the 16th century, the parish church dedicated to the birth of virgin Mary from the 17th century, the ruins of the Roman harbour Aenona, and the remains of the early Christian three-apsidal St. Andrew's church.


The geographically favourable location provides a pleasant and benificial exchange of maritime and continental climate conditions, such ah a high number of sunshine hours, simultaneous sea and mountain air currents, and sunny and pleasantly warm summers. In summer, the average sea temperatures range from 23 °C in June to 27 °C in July and August.


When you're in Zaton, be sure to go to the beaches where you can enjoy an excellent coffee just a few meters from the shore. Zaton beaches and the clarity of the sea are simply breath-taking. If you are looking for a spot to escape from stress, then this is the right place for you. Some guests will be particularly pleased with the numerous entertainment, sports, and gastronomic offerings directly at the seashore, and everyone, regardless of age, will find something for themselves.

There is a promenade along the sea, featuring many catering facilities and various tourist attractions: a restaurant, a beach and snack bar, shops stocked with everything you might need for your holiday at the seaside, showers, changing cubicles, sunshades and sun-bed rental, which will allow you to spend the whole day on the beach. During a walk by the sea, you will enjoy the stunning view of the Zadarcanal and the wonderful sunsets.


If you wish to enjoy an active holiday, in Zaton you will find the ideal place for recreation and sport, from long walks to jogging, biking, and other free-time sports activities. Are you intrested in long walks? The promenade along the Zaton beach is ideal place for some fun family time. Plenty of greenery and clear seawater are sure to offer you tranquility and respite from the hustle and bustle of the city...

Lovers of active holidays can engage in various sports and recreation activities. Available options are: horse centre, tennis centre, diving club, bike tours across the surrounding area, mini-golf, table tennis, boccia grounds, water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, basketball, futsal, handball and volleyball grounds, rental of beach canoes, paddle boats, boats, jet-skis, aerobic exercise...


Zaton is located in the Zadar region, in the very heart of the Adriatic coast, 2 km south of Nin and 12 km southwest of Zadar. These are towns whose culture and history date bak to times before the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. The Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun best show the creativity of modern times, which were added to the many unique historical works by the generation.

One of the advantages of Zaton is its geographical position that allows various day and half-day trips by car, bus, or boat. You can visit most beautiful national parks, nature parks, ancient and intresting cities, and numerous attractive islands.

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